Monday, 15 December 2008

Raya AidilAdha celebration - 141208

On Saturday we had our Raya AidilAdha celebration at Keenan House...As usual its a pot luck concept and all the ladies showed their cooking skills...the food spread was marvelous...let me list the food based on my memory...there was murtabak (ni mmg sedap sgt cam mkn kat msia), nasi beriani, nasi kerabu, nasi ayam, ayam panggang, lasagna,  mee kari, roti jala with kari daging, nasi impit,lemang and rendang, choc donuts, pau kaya, choc cake, caramel, agar-agar gula hangus, samosa, brownies, kek batik and cupcakes (my contribution)...My cupcakes was one of the first to finished as i guess the kids was tempted with the coloured cream...Sambil makan-makan, ada persembahan from the mums, dads and kids and also pertandingan busana muslim and hafazan al-quran for the kids...Overall we eat, we laugh and we had fun...

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Been tagged again

Here are my answers Kak Nani

What were you doing 5 years ago?

Graduated my degree and started my 1st job at MIDF

What were the 5 things on your list to do today?

  1. prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner
  2. play with eryna
  3. clean the house
  4. surf the net 
  5. watch CSI

What are the snacks that you enjoy?

  1. maggi
  2. tuna sandwich
  3. crumpet
  4. waffle
  5. crisp/ doritos

What are 5 things you do if you are a billionaire

  1. perform umrah and haj 
  2. sedekah to the needy
  3. shopping stuffs that I like
  4. travel around the world
  5. build a house for my parents 

What 5 jobs you've had

  1. practival trainee at ITTAR
  2. executive at MIDF
  3. homemaker
  4. ?
  5. ?

Who are the 5 person you want to tag

  1. fuzah
  2. melia
  3. rahilah
  4. qathy
  5. ajezack

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today I am one year older and the day started well as it snowed from morning till noon...At last, it snowed as I imagined...Today was also Eryna's 8-12 months check-up, at 10.30am off we went to the clinic to meet the health visitor...Syukur alhamdullillah Eryna is growing well...She is now 7kg and 68cm long...After the check-up we headed to the holiday park nearby our house and played with the snow...Eryna was happy when we put her on the snow and managed to take some pictures to capture the moments...After enjoying ourselves with the snow, we decided to go back home as we were freezing...poor Eryna but I guess she had fun...

When we were at home, Faizal brought out my birthday cake and we had our normal simple celebration...The cake was delicious...Today I am officially on leave from any housework including cooking...Therefore, we ordered pizza...

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


The cold weather has begun...daytime can be five degree and below and at night it can be zero degree and below...My oh my, what can I say...I'M FEELING COLD...Everytime when we decide  to go out, I have to make ensure Eryna is well dressed for the weather...Luckily she has no complaints wearing her thick cloths together with her gloves and cap...At first she was confused as before this it's just simple clothing and a jacket...
It snowed 2 weeks ago but at our place the snow was not that thick...Hopefully it will be a white christmas this year and then we can all play with the snow...Can't wait for Ila, Ina, Ikin, Bad and Gael to be here in Durham middle of this month...Yeyeye, Eryna will have more friends to play with...Actually tak sabar gak christmas ni sebab nak gi boxing day shopping...hehehe...