Thursday, 30 October 2008

Trick or treat...

Just now, our door was knocked by a kid and we were nervous on what he wanted. While we tried to get our keys, the kid went away. Actually tonite is Halloween nite  and we kind of forgot about it. Usually on this night, kids will go around the neighbourhood to collect their chocolates/candies. We felt bad to the kid who knocked our door as  we sincerely wanted to give him some chocolates/candies. It's an experience to us and hopefully next time we will be more prepared. Eryna can also join the fun. 

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Life in the UK
  • everything is in order, weather dah start sejuk and later kena start pakai winter clothing again...OMG the day will become shorter and the night will be longer...BORING!!!...

Baby Eryna
  • she's 7 months old and is trying to crawl...started weaning and she loves it...

Monday, 13 October 2008

Faces of Eryna

Holiday trip

Eryna finally met her Tok dad and beloved aunties. They arrived safely at Heathrow airport on 04/10/2008 and on the same day, we drove down to Hertford (4 hours drive from Durham) to met them. At first Eryna was confused to meet new faces but later she played happily with them. Aunty Ila and Chu Rai seronok main dengan Eryna, terubat rindu nak main together as before this asyik tengok  thru webcam aje. Tapi I guess they tak puas main dengan Eryna as the following day we went to Surrey to send them. We helped my sistas to unpacked and arranged their things at their room and later in the evening, we drove back to Hertford. The next morning, we went to London pulak to register Eryna at Malaysian High Commission and to do her passport sekali. We took the tube from Cockfosters and the journey to us about 35 minutes to reach Hyde Park Corner station. Nasib baik masa we all pergi kat High Comm tak ramai orang. Later in the afternoon, we went again to the High Comm to collect Eryna's passport. While waiting for her passport to be ready, we went to Oxford Street and had lunch at Edgware Road. Thanks to Tok dad sebab belanja makan kat Melur restaurant. Terubat rindu nak makan Char kuew teow. On Tuesday before we left to Durham, we singgah Surrey again to say goodbye to my sistas. Tok dad was with us for 6 nights but rasa cam sekejap je. During his stay, we brought him jalan-jalan kat Durham and Newcastle. He managed to eat fish and chips which he say kena makan everytime bila datang UK.  This morning we drove to Manchester to send Tok Dad off and on the way home we dropped by at York Designer Outlet to cuci mata. Mid season sale belum start lagi so tak beli apa-apa except baju for Eryna at GAP outlet. Here some of the pictures taken during our trip.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Sorry for not updating our blog...kind of busy at the dad is here in durham...will update later kay...take care everyone...