Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Enlightenment- Durham International Light Festival

Enlightenment is a stunning and truly international light festival celebrating Durham’s religious and industrial heritage. Four new light-based artworks show Durham as viewed through the eyes of two very different cultures. The installations are a fusion of cultural identities, creative styles and methods of working. The individual pieces take their inspiration from the sacred texts, iconic images and traditions of Durham and a number of Eastern societies.

The major pieces will be supported by Intermittent, a light trail of smaller installations, projections, film works and light boxes which will illuminate shop windows, bars and office spaces across the City.

Friday, 7 November 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Kak Wan. Well, here goes:

The Who’s

Who Was The Last Person You Talked To? my hubby

Who Knows The Most About You? my hubby again

Who Can Make You Laugh No Matter What? eryna i guess with her cheeky moves

Who Can You Always Count On? my hubby, my parents and my siblings

Who Has Your Heart? my hubby

Who Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School? to much to choose

Who Is Your Best Friend(s)? fazliana, terk, qiah, noi, gina, ag, fuza, melia, dayah

Who Loves You? my hubby, my parents, eryna of course and my family

The What’s

What Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment? chasing pavement, adele

What Are You Looking Forward To? eryna to walk and to be a student again

What Is Your Favorite Color? forever red

What Website Do You Visit Most? My blog, my friends blog, facebook etc.

What Is Your Favorite Smell? baking cake and bread

What Is Your Favorite Movie? romantic comedy

What Makes You Mad? waiting for people

What Curse Word Do You Use A lot? i do not curse

What Kind Of Phone Do You Have? Nokia N80

What Was The Last Song You Listened To? the new sheila on 7 songs, terpaksa dengar sebab hubby suka dengar

The When’s

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall? last month

When Did You Talk To Your Crush Last? this morning

When Do or Did You Graduate? 2002...lama dah tu..kena belajar balik ni

When Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun? in december i guess when my cousin and sistas are here in durham

When Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something? not yet, waiting for hubby to have breakfast together

When Is Your Birthday? december girl

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies? long time ago

When Is Your Parents Birthday? may 14 and july 14

When Were You In The Car Last? yesterday evening, went to tesco to do some shopping

When Will You Be 21? everyday

When Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation? in december during christmas with my cousin

The Where’s

Where Do You Live? At home

Where Is The Best Place To Be? malaysia

Where Was Your Last Vacation? london

Where Were You Born? UK

Where Is Your Best Friend? busy working in Malaysia

Where Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House? Durham town

Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years? back in malaysia and will be busy with work

Where Is Your Cell Phone? upstairs on my bed

Where Are Your Parents? in malaysia

Where Was Your Display Picture Taken? durham town

Monday, 3 November 2008





Looking at the pictures  above reminds me of how much I miss my friends back in Malaysia.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Autumn in Durham

Birthday hubby

Yesterday Faizal celebrated his birthday for the first time in the UK. If we were in Malaysia, for sure I dah belanja Faizal makan kat Chilies. Since we are here and there is no Chilies, I cooked Faizal's favourite meal and bake my delicious  chocolate brownie. Lepas makan both of us kekeyangan and just lepak in the house. Eryna seronok tengok the birthday cake and nak ambik gambar pun nak tengok cake.  


from Min and Eryna

Here are some pictures taken. Happy viewing.