Thursday, 6 August 2009

Birthday celebration

190709 - Kak Zarina and her daughter, Izzah

the food on the table was delicious...there were meehoon/nasi impit soto, rendang ayam, meehoon goreng, nasi minyak & ayam berempah, dadih, agar-agar, aiskrim malaysia and cakes...i brought my cute cupcakes and the kids love it...eryna really enjoyed herself by playing with the friends...we really had fun chit chatting with are some of the pictures taken during the event...

010809 - Aisyah, Nusaibah, Anis and Ain

another invitation and as usual not to mention the variety and mouth watering of foods on the table...there were cakes, all sorts of desserts, lasagna, nasi arab, meehoon soto, nasi impit with kuah kacang, meehoon goreng etc...this time around i brought my chocolate muffins...we ate, we laughed, we helped and all of us went home with  a full stomach...again pictures for viewing...

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