Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Eid in Durham

We celebrated Hari Raya today, which is one day earlier than Malaysia.We got to know regarding the date from the London mosque before break fast.Lucky me, I have already prepared the ingredients for my cooking. This is the first time I cooked for Eid as usually in Malaysia, I will only assist my mum. As usual in the morning, Faizal went for prayers and after that we headed to Bowburn community hall to join other Malaysian for our Eid gathering. Since its a potluck gathering, there was variety of foods such as briyani gam with ayam masak merah and pajeri nenas, laksam, mee rebus, nasi impit with kuah kacang, masak lodeh, dessert and cakes. As for me I brought chicken pitta and chocolate cake. Eryna siap dapat duit raya lagi from the Malaysian society. After the said event, we pay a visit to Abg Asmady and Kak Jaizah's house and had pulut kuning with rendang and kuih raya. We had a fun day celebrating Eid in the UK especially with our dearest daughter Eryna. Some pictures taken during the gathering.

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