Friday, 21 March 2008

Snow in durham...

Its already spring here, but today, snow turun lagi after lps a few months tak turun..and today also (21 March 2008), our first baby girl was born at 4.45 p.m. (GMT)...syukur Alhamdulillah everything went well...min and the baby pun ok...her berat was 2.835 kg...tonight both of them stayed at the hospital and expected to be discharged by tomorrow afternoon, insyaAllah...mommy and auntie jah also will be arrived tomorrow...just nice for everything...lastly, enjoy the pictures!


shikinz said...


she got your nose!!! hehehehe....
soooo cute.. need more pix!


azmah said...

hello there!
mummy and auntie jah dah sampai ke?
baby berat berapa paun?
nama apa?
as a suggestion Tasnim maknanya air do syurga, tapi kena check dulu la dengan dr. fatma.
mummy can email me at

auntie mama