Monday, 25 February 2008

Carboot sale

On sunday, we went to the carboot sale again but this time another location i.e.Stanley...we went in the morning and reached there at about 10.00 a.m...when we arrived there, some of the sellers have started to pack their things...we guess that they are moving to the next carboot sale location which starts in the afternoon...kat sini ade banyak location carboot and the timing is either in the morning or apalagi terpaksa jalan dengan pantas tuk cari barang...lucky gak sbb we managed to get the things in our list...min siap beli pyrex lagi tu for £1 and £2 each...memang murah...rambang mata nak pilih mana nak beli...on the way home, we singgah gi ASDA (one of the supermarket) to buy some groceries...since we received a voucher of £5 to spend on baby products there, we used it to buy avent we got it for free...

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